Hey meine Süßen,

hier seht ihr eine Liste meiner derzeitigen Nagellacke. Ich versuche sie immer einigermaßen Up-to-date zu halten und falls ich mal einen leer bekomme und es Swatches von dem Lack gibt, dann wird er hier durchgestrichen. Lacke, die leer sind oder aussortiert wurden, ohne das es Swatches gibt (z.B. klare Überlacke) werden aus der Liste gelöscht, es sei denn es gibt eine Review auf dem Blog dazu.

(stand 2015-01-04)

French Base rosa
947 Hotty Pink 

Ceramic Nail Lacquer, 49

perfect stay gel shine 201 Pink Pleasure Swatch
perfect stay gel shine 202 Pink With Envy
perfect stay gel shine 207/840 Creamy Coral Swatch
perfect stay gel shine 303/250 Rojo Passion Swatch
Fashion Studio 004 Deliciously Violet
Fashion Studio 008 Mint Candy
schimmerbraun Swatch
schimmerblau Swatch
schimmerlila Swatch
grün Swatch

beauty uk Midnight Minx

Tahiti Pearls LE, 330 Jade Pearls
250 Hip Queens wear blue Jeans Swatch
330 Absolutely chinchilly!
030 Meet me at Corals Island
490 Iron Mermaiden
240 Sold out forever Swatch
840 Genious in the Bottle
400 Blue Cara Ciao
880 No Snow Petrol Swatch
900 Steel My Heart
910 Oh My Goldness! Swatch
30 Lilactric Swatch
090 Karl says très chic
56 Minter Wonderland
C02 Viva Brasil (Carnival of Colors LE)
C03 Burning Dowen the Arena (Carnival of Colors LE)
C04 When I say Li, you say Lac.. (Carnival of Colors LE)
C07 Black for Gold (Carnival of Colors LE)
04 Oyster & Champagne (Crushed Crystals)
C01 Holo Manolo (Luxury Lacquers Holomania LE)
C03 Holo In One (Luxury Lacquers Holomania LE)
C04 Plum Me Up Scotty (Luxury Lacquers Holomania LE)
C03 Glitterama (Luxury Lacquers Million Brilliance LE)
C03 Sandhopper (Luxury Lacquers Sand'Sation LE)
C04 PLUMbeach (Luxury Lacquers Sand'Sation LE)
C01 Lovely Sinner (Welcome to Las Vegas LE)

Schwarz Swatch
803 Lila

Cupcake Queen 011
Dangerous Affair 013
Holo 089
Cabaret 046
Angel Wings 090
Cutie Pie 026
Vintage 018
Mistress 039
Ladylike Luxe 059
Twilight 072
Glass Slipper
Speed Dial 023
Headliner 066 Swatch
Big Yellow Taxi 074
Power Dressing 063 Swatch
Cookies and Cream 058 Swatch
Magic Carpet
Fade to Greige 071
Mojito 019 Swatch
Enchanted Rose
Hopscotch PP116
Sugar Plum PP080
Iced frappe PP081
Snow Globe PP146
Party Shoes PP109
Fit for a Queen PP069
Boudoir PP017
Talent Scout PP061
Pillow Fight PP103
Knickerbockerglory PP021
Apple & Custard PP043
Kiss Chase PP101
Loop the Loop PP151
Amazing Gracie PP133
Hidden Gem PP164
Members Only PP07
Hoopla PP122
Chinchilla PP147
Yule Rules
Need for Tweet
Cream Soda
Brocade Parade
Main Stage
Mineral Positivity
Play Date

colors by llarowe
Blonde Ambition
Burnt Sugar

colour & change, 01 Wonderlicious green
colour & change, Magic effect step 2
colour & change, 02 kind of magic
colour & go, 23 Sundancer Swatch
colour & go, 22 What do u think? Swatch
colour & go, 90 i want that!
colour & go, 32 Gold Rush Swatch
colour & go, 66 Shiny Godness
colour & go, 33 Just in Case Swatch
colour & go, 99 wanna say hello Swatch
colour & go, 53 You belong to me Swatch
colour & go, 38 Choose me! Swatch
colour & go, 98 walk on air
colour & go, 59 black is back
colour & go, 117 I'm so very Swatch
colour & go, 43 Where is the party?
colour & go, 26 Break Through
colour & go, 87 passion for fashion
colour & go, 39 Lime up! Swatch
colour & go, 18 Check me out
colour & go, 68 High Spirits Swatch (braun)
colour & go, 144 black is back
colour & go, 140 go bold Swatch
colour & go, 121 gold fever Swatch
colour & go, 122 chick reloaded
colour & go, 119 boho chick Swatch
colour & go, 116 gorgeous bling bling Swatch
colour & go, 131 balerina's charm Swatch
colour & go, 134 stuck on you Swatch
colour & go, 139 walk on the wild side Swatch
colour & go, 107 naughty and pink! Swatch
colour & go, 129 the boy next door
colour & go, 142 grey-t to be here
effect nail polish glitter jewels, 101 jewels in the pool
effect nail polish Metal sugar, 04 sky fall
effect nail polish sparkling sugar, 02 Baby, you're a firework
fantasia LE, 03 take a ride on pegasus
glitter Top Coat
happy holidays, Snowflake topper, 01 let it snow!
Home Sweet Home LE, 01Caramel cheese cake
Home Sweet Home LE, 02 Red-y to relax
Miami Roller Girl LE, 02 Miami P'ink
Multi dimension, 20 Fatal
Multi dimension, 03 Fashion victim
Nail art crackling, 02 Crack me! White Swatch1, Swatch2
Nail art crackling, 01 Crack me! Black Swatch
Nail art magnetics, 09 magic red carpet
Nail colours 3 - midnight date/city that never sleeps Swatch
Nailart special effect topper, 10 glorious aquarius
Nailart special effect topper, 02 Circus Confetty
Nailart special effect topper, 13 Mrs and Mr Glitter Swatch
Nailart special effect topper, 12 holo topping, please!
Nailart special effect topper, 16 cool breezer
Nailart special effect topper, 19 bird of paradies
Nailart twins, 02 Julia Swatch
Nailart twins, 04 Carrie
nuge glam, 01 hazelnut cream pie Swatch
Re-mix your style, 01 Walking up in Vegas
Show your Feet, 01 Carribean Sea
Show your Feet,  17 Lemon Sorbet Swatch
Superheros Thermo Effect, 01 Fantastic Girl

Dance Legend
849 Olive Theory
181 Thermo Shine
1 Blanc Swatch
90 dive bar Swatch(4)
210A Orange, it's obious Swatch
42 angora cardi Swatch
246 leading lady
296 splash of grenadine
738 silken cord Swatch
87 decadent dish Swatch
89 over the edge Swatch
431 'mittleres blau' Swatch(1)
408 'pink'
Supershine, U33 'dunkles blau/grün' Swatch(3)
Supershine, U08 'dunkles blau/lila' Swatch(2)
Supershine, 38 'glitzer lila' Swatch


349 Swatch
401 Peacock Green Swatch
402 Jewel Pink Swatch
617 Taupe Mirror
618 Orchid Pink Mirror
619 Red Peonie Mirror 
620 Lavender Mirror
622 Wisteria Mirror
623 Blue Mirror
624 Sky Blue Mirror
625 Emerald Mirror
626 Lawn Green Mirror
627 Lime Green Mirror
628 Gold Mirror

451 Apricot
452 Watermelon
453 Cherry Red
454 Wine Red
455 Light Taupe
456 Teal Green
457 Royal Blue
458 Anthracite
632 True Red sugar mat lack
633 Magenta sugar mat lack
635 Wisteria sugar mat lack
637 Turquoise sugar mat lack
638 Taupe sugar mat lack

Kosmetik Kosmo
Milchkaffe Swatch
Binoctium Swatch
Mitternacht Swatch
Steinzeit Swatch
Silberbaum Swatch
Sensenmann Swatch
Brombadour Swatch
Drachenzunge Swatch, Swatch2
Bundeswehr Swatch
Polarlicht Swatch
Goldig Swatch1, Swatch2

Confettis Topper
& Buffalo, 13 Frrrozen Joghurt Swatch
Lotus Effect, 10C
Lotus Effect, 71S
Max Factor
16 Emerald
Color Show, 265 Wine Shimmer
Color Show Stripped Nudes, 228 Tan Lines
Color Show Stripped Nudes, 229 Bronze Me Up
Color Show Street Artists, 01 Boom Box Black
Color Show Street Artists, 03 Urban Vibe
New York Colorama, 33 Berry Jam
Jade , 82 Aubergine
Jade Express finish shock control,weiß Swatch

nail quake, Broken Arrow
nail quake, Shiver
nail quake, Shattered Ice
nail quake, Quiver
nail quake, Jailbreak
Models Own
Indian Ocean Swatch
Disco Mix

Nail Quake Broken Arrow (lila) Swatch
Nail Quake Quiver (königsblau) Swatch
Nail Quake Shiva (pink) Swatch
Nail Quake Shattered Ice (silber) Swatch
Nail Quake Jailbreak (schwarz) Swatch
Nivea Beauté
zart gelb
rose romance Swatch
Nicki Minaj Mini Collection, Pink Friday
Nicki Minaj Mini Collection, Fly Swatch
Nicki Minaj Mini Collection, Metallic 4 Life
Nicki Minaj Mini Collection, Did It On Em
OPI Nicole by OPI, Kendall On The Walk
OPI Nicole by OPI, Hard-Kourt Fashionista
OPI Nicole by OPI, Our Fuchsia's Lookin' Bright
OPI Nicole by OPI, Positive Energy
All Light UV nail polish, 020 Wet Watermelon
All Light UV top coat
All Light UV base coat
Color Victim, 030 virgin
Color Victim, 050 Charming
Color Victim, 240 Joyful
Color Victim, 140 flirt with me Swatch
Color Victim, 260 drama
Color Victim, 630 Passion
Color Victim, 250 So cool Swatch
Color Victim, 531 Blue's time Swatch
Color Victim, 190 Fancy Swatch
Color Victim, 010 Glamour
Color Victim, 017 Elegant
Color Victim, 141 fever
Color Victim, 120 it's hot
Color Victim, 270 scandal Swatch
Color Victim, 130 passion
Color Victim, 140 diva
Color Victim, 011 Be wild!
Color Victim, 200 Rebel
Color Victim, 870 Sparkling Surprise
Color Victim, 621 Summer Calling
Crackling, 020 Silver blast
Denim delight, 020 Navy washed denim
Denim delight, 030 Indigo denim
Denim delight, 010 Gray denim Swatch(grau)
Denim delight, 040 Sassy red Swatch (rot)
Grow Power, 060 aromatic coriander
I Feel Pretty, 020 Candy Cane
I Feel Pretty, 030 Toffee Cream 
Last Forever, 230 hot tango
Last Forever, 051 live the moment!
Lost in Glitter, 010 love dramatic
Lost in Glitter, 080 go dangerous!
Sand Style, 030 seductive
Sand Style, 080 confidential
Sand Style, 100 precious
Pearl crackling, 020 blue thunder Swatch
Pearl crackling, 030 red volcano Swatch1, Swatch2
Pearl crackling, 010 violet fusion Swatch
Perfekt Look! Beauty Nails (gel look), 010 white charm Swatch(weiß)
Perfekt Look! Beauty Nails (gel look), 020 rose touch Swatch (rosa)
Summer Attack LE, 050 Green Palm Tree Swatch
Volume Gloss Lack, 130 Fresh Sister
Paris memories
lila bunter Glitter Swatch

schwarz mit Glitzer
racine colours
Rival de Loop
74 grüngold
Express Nails 45', (schimmerschwarz) Swatch
Express Nails 45', 207 (magenta)
Express Nails 45', 205 (schimmergrün)
Perfect Style, 02 Perfect Pinky
Perfect Style, 03 Perfect Rainbow
Rival de Loop young
34 Lollipop
04 grün (Trend Lack) Swatch (grün)
Aroma Nails, 02 Erdbeere
Aroma Nails, 03 Blaubeere
Cupcake, 01 Vanilla White
Cupcake, 02 Strawberry Red
Cupcake, 03 Apple Green
Cupcake, 04 Creamy Blueberry

Sabrina cosmetics
pinke Streifen Swatch

Sally Hanson
500 Blueberry Blast Swatch
300 Rock Candy
630 Tough Luck
720 Study Sapphire
880 Black Heart
Tchibo Colours
helllila Swatch
The Color Workshop
20 cherry blossom
16 love stealer
Wet 'n' Wild

Yves Rocher
51. Bleu nuit

Top coats, Base coats usw. die auf dem Blog gezeigt wurden
Quick Dry & High Shine, Top Coat Review

Zubehör wie Nailartpens und Tippainter
essence: Nail art pen, 03 silver star
essence: Nail art pen, 02 cool black
fancy color: Tip Painter, Nr. 01 Tip Painter weiß Swatch
kiko: french manicure pen, white
Rival de Loop young: 02 violet Tippainter Swatch

Insgesamt sind es jetzt 328 Nagellacke, wobei ich doppelte nicht mitgezählt habe ;) 5 Nailartpens bzw. Tippainter und ca. 27 Top coats, Base coats oder ähnliches.


  1. Wow, Süße! Da hast du dir aber Mühe gemacht! *Daumen hoch*

    1. Oh ja, das war eine richtig bescheidene Arbeit. Und ich hab ja auch alle, außer den transparenten Top Coats, auf Tips geswatched und sortiert. -,-